Easy fence Post repair Spike

Quick, easy and tidy fence post repair

Fence post repair spike

Keeping to our strategy of "if you find a problem, find a way to solve it" our new fence post repair spike was born.  This fence was falling over due to the post having rotten through and it was not possible to drive a stake down the side of the wooden post due to the ball of concrete at the post's base.  Our new dogleg spike, designed specificaly for this problem can be knocked into the ground down the side of the post and the dogleg bypasses the concrete ball,  the spike is then screwed to the post (screws provided).  Quite simply a broken post can be fixed in minutes without the need to remove the fence panels or post saving a lot of time and hardwork.

fleur -de-lis easy fence post repair spike for a more decorative finish
Easy fence post repair spike. Available in 3 inch and 4 inch wide