Hydraulic Ejector Buckets

hydraulic ejector bucket

Fed up with digging out your narrow trenching/drainage buckets,  We can help with our simple and strong ejector buckets to suit most machine sizes.  The ejector bucket can maximise efficiency by enabling you to use the full bucket capability every time and no more digging out. the paddle in the bucket swings forward when the bucket is opened fully pushing the sticky soils and clays out.  The ejector design can be used on many widths of bucket and any excavator.

There are two options, manual or hydraulic. the manual version relies on a chain or strap to pull the paddle forward whereas the hydraulic version uses a ram to push the paddle.

Hydraulic ejector bucket
Wider buckets are an option
hydraulic ejector bucket
paddle to the rear
paddle to the front

Manual Ejector Buckets

0.75t - 1.4t manual ejector bucket

Our Manual ejector buckets can be operated by excavators that do not have an auxilliary service.  THe bucket comes with a pad that welds to the inside of the dipper face.  A chain or strap is then attached to the pad and to the paddle,  When the bucket opens the paddle is pulled forward

manual ejector bucket, paddle forward
custom made 8 inch drainage Ejector bucket, paddle in the bucket moves forward to eject sticky soils

Clay Spades

clay spades manufactured for all machine sizes.
double skinned high tensile steel for maximum durability

Tilt attachments

Tilt attachment allows 45 degrees of tilt both ways
1.5t - 14t tilts available

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