AVS Hydraulic rotators

Please see the following link for rotator sizes and specifications or call us for details and pricing  http://www.avs-hydraulikmotoren.at/Produktee.html

See below for popular sizes of fixed type AVS rotators

8t fixed type rotator
8t rotator to suit direct mounting to machines from 7t-10t
AR-B 80-1.1 Datenblatt.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [968.9 KB]
12t fixed type rotator
12t rotator to suit direct mounting to machines from 10-13t
AR-B 120-3 HD Datenblatt.PDF
PDF File [519.3 KB]
18t fixed type rotator
18t rotator to suit direct mounting to machines from 13t-25t
AR-B 150-3 Datenblatt.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [498.9 KB]
6t fixed type rotator
6t rotator to suit direct mounting to machines from 5t-7t
AR-H 70-2.1 Datenblatt.PDF
PDF File [461.1 KB]
3.5t fixed type rotator or with a single pin boss bolted to the head it can be used in cardanic form rated at 6000kg
3.5t rotator to suit direct mounting to machines from 3.5t-5t
AR-G 50-2.3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [897.1 KB]

See below for popular sizes of swinging type AVS Rotators

5t (swinging) rotator
this rotator has the standrd 140mm x 140mm bolt pattern as found on many grabs
Adobe Acrobat document [843.6 KB]
7t cardanic (swinging) type rotator
this rotator is rated at 7t dynamic load and 13t static load and has multiple bolting points to suit most common grab bolt patterns
AR-H 70-1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

Other makes of Hydraulic rotators we have in stock

The hydraulic rotators we supply from Rima are very good units and are are great budget alternative.


We  stock the GR10, GR30, GR30F,GR50F and GR100F (F stands for flange mount as seen in the picture) All the rotators bolting patterns will retrofit  all standard mounting patterns


A simple way to corectly size a rotator for your machine is match the weight of your machine with the rating of the rotator a GR30F for a 3t excavator ora 3 ton per metre crane

Worm drive hydraulic rotators 9t, 14t and 17t in stock

Slew drives/worm drives are immensly strong rotators that turn at a rate of approx 3rpm and once stopped will not rotate unless activated again making them ideal for pole manipulator grabs and tree shears.  To operate a grab you will need to get 2 hydraulic pipes through the middle.  To do this we have a special 2 pipe swivel which means you can continuously rotate the attchment without damaging the pipes.  The swivels are sold seperately.  Worm drive rotators are extremely good value for money but the bolt patterns will most likely not retrofit existing grabs

9t worm drive
hydraulic slew drive with 9t capacity
wd9 worm drive.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [277.8 KB]
14t worm drive
Hydraulic slew drive with 14t capacity
wd14 worm drive.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [220.7 KB]
17t worm drive rotator
hydraulic slew drive with 17t capacity
sw17 worm drive.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [570.3 KB]

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digger compactor wheel Compactor wheels manufactured in house for all sizes of excavator. Just as much compaction as a wacker plate but with less moving parts and no vibration to damage pins and bushes
1.5t capacity timber grab with flange mount GF30 rotator
Re-handling grapples to suit any machine
tilt attachments
multi tine grapples

From thumb grabs and machinery attachments to  fitting and repair services RSL Engineering can be there to help in many ways

compact tractor log skidder
clamshell grab clamshell grab

Custom build projects a speciality


At RSL we have a wide ranging knowledge which enables us to carry out a variety of custom builds.  One particular customer came to us with a problem of cleaning out a very deep and narrow well (80cm).  After discussing ideas we were happy to be able to provide our customer with a special grapple. The grapple is made far stronger than it will ever need to be so as to provide weight to enable it work effectively as it is hung from a crane. 


If you have a job that needs doing and you cannot find the item to do it please call and see if we can help.  

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