The All new for 2019 Sorting/Selector Grabs 

Hydraulic timber grapples

timber grab and hydraulic rotator timber grabs from 0.5t - 5t available from stock and all other sizes available to order

We now stock 0.5t,1t, 1.5t, 2.5t and 5t capacity timber grabs and rotators to match.  You can also spec the grab with a swing attachment to attach the rotator to your machine.  Ask about our package deal.  The tiimber grabs are made from Q690 high tensile steel.  The grabs can also be specced for direct mounting to your excavator with our unique 1 bolt fixing manual rotate or an RSV continuous hydraulic fixed axis rotator

hydraulic hay, manure, brash, hedging, seaweed grab available in various sizes

Re-handling grapples, perfect for bio mass

Our excavator attachments have a wide variety of uses and a wide range of applications and are sold all over the world.  We keep costs low to help you afford the right tool to do your work, and make your business more profitable.  If you have an idea for an attachment and need someone to make it please call and let us make it a reality for you.

re-handling grapple 10t - 14t rehandling grapple

Re-handling Grapple


Our re-handling grapples are designed to be robust as they are the type of grab to be used daily and in tough conditions.  All pins are bushed and greased for longevity and the wear bar is replaceable which is ideal when working on hard ground or with abbrasive materials. Long life zero maintenance polymer bushes are an option

rehandling grapple 15t - 19t re-handling grapple

570l or 740 litre clamshells for excavators and lorry cranes.

Our Larger capacity waste handling "Crab grabs" (they look a bit like a crab!).  from 1.5t  to 3t capacity.  The grabs can be specified with Hardox wear edges or no wear edge at all.  The waste handling grab opening widths are 1.6m to 2.95m.  

    The waste grabs are perfect for handling lighter materials in large quantities and can be specifierd with a GR30 or 50F rotator or an AVS rotator

Tined grapples

15t - 19t 7 tine grapple. sizes from 0.75t - 35t
3t excavator loading timber for logging
A.S.H Landscaping loading timber with a 2.5t RSL grapple
5t - 6.8t 5 tine grapple (reversed)

Thumb grabs, manual or hydraulic

10t - 14t manual thumb grab handling timber
1.4t machine with manual thumb and Root Ripper tine
waste handling farm manure loading with a manual thumb grab

Toe Tip Bucket

toe tip bucket
toe tip bucket loading manure over high sided ro ro bin

Powerful multi purpose sorting pincers and steel shears

Scrap car dismantling pincers and machine or floor mounted clamp system.  Efficient and safe way to dismantle cars and separate various metals and materials 

   See below for a video of set of pincers dismantling a car.  


The pincers being used are 3 years old at the time of the video and the visit was made to the customer to get a long term review of the product  and any tweaks to the design if required.  We always strive to give the best product we can for the best value.  By keeping in touch with customers we can see what the attachments go through,  and make adjustments 

excavator mount steel shears for rebar, angle,box, or tube cutting

These steel shears can be mounted on anything from excavators to skidsteers to forklifts. The jaws are immensly powerful and have hard tool steel replaceable cutting edges.  The main hinge has long life zero maintenance polymer bushes.  Available in a range of sizes.  the smallest of which will shear 30mm rebar 

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digger compactor wheel Compactor wheels manufactured in house for all sizes of excavator. Just as much compaction as a wacker plate but with less moving parts and no vibration to damage pins and bushes
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