Machinery Refurbishment and Modification

Ar RSL we can fully refurbish your machinery and attachments.  If you have worn out buckets or cracks in the frames of your attachments we can professionaly repair your items to  give you many more years of service.  Please call for pricing.

Greedy boards made to increase the capacity of this little tracked Kubota dumper

New bottom side and wear bar for grain bucket

Another grab bucket repaired,  This particular one was in very bad shape. The existing bottom was torn and had a huge bow, the grab frame was broken away on one side and all the lower tines were bent over.  It was going to be too much replacing the broken grab frame and as the original design was not strong enough anyway we set about making new arms with new bushes and spliced it into the old frame, new tines were added to the ends and triangular fillets welded to either side to stop them bending in future.  The Rams were also re-ended as they had severely stretched and a new thicker 10mm base was added and new cutting edge.  although this rebuild was expensive it still worked out cheaper than buying a new bucket!  Heres a tip.  replace the cutting edge before it wears the bucket bottom and sides it will save you a lot of money!

Customer had a strong muck bucket with an over the top muck grab.  They need to move long lengths of timber around so the bucket was less than ideal  as the bucket sides were in the way and they need to use the bucket to load woodchip they also continualy bent the grab tines as they were not designed for grabbing trees. We cut away the floor and sides of the bucket and the bent tine frame adn replaced the floor with a double skinned  floor which was triangulated to give it strength. This meant the sides were no longer necessary  so handling long lengths of timber was easy and they could still use the bucket as a bucket to load lorries with woodchip. The grab tines were replaced and stronger bracing used.

After conversion

Old pallet carriages converted for use on excavators Video for pallet forks on machine

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digger compactor wheel Compactor wheels manufactured in house for all sizes of excavator. Just as much compaction as a wacker plate but with less moving parts and no vibration to damage pins and bushes
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