Excavator Pallet Forks

Pallet fork over grab


We have a range of palet fork over grabs for the small Avant and Norcar loaders up to 3.5t forklifts and telescopics.  The over grab simply slides onto the carriage and connects up to your auxiliary service.

Bespoke Pallet fork carriage with automatic adjustment to the size of the load being carried.  This attachment was commisioned by a civil engineering company to aid safe handling of long water pipes on site.  A conventional grab could not be used though as they need to handle a variety of different sizes and carry single pipes to multiple pipes.  Traditional overgrabs don't cater for this.  Whatsd more gentle handling was  required so the grab forks were rubber clad  The main grab closes first and then the smaller grab comes down to grab anything that te main grab missed.  This attachment is available for excavators as well as telehandlers and front loaders.  The attachment could be easily modified for timber carryying where the same varying amount and size is an issue with a standard grab.  

Pallet fork carriages to fit excavators 

Pallet forks and carriages to fit excavators from £600 reconditioned as shown in the picture or £900 new

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