Thumb grabs: minimum cost Maximum efficiency          

Probably the most universal of all attachments 



If there is one thing that all excavators or diggers should have. It's the RSL thumb grab. The single most universal product on the market.

How many times have we heard from our clients

" I should have bought one of these years ago "

Manual and hydraulic thumb grabs for machines from 0.75 - 35 T 



15t-19t hydraulic thumb. We provided the on site fitting service

Thumb grabs are available in manual from 0.5t -20t and hydraulic versions from 1.5t - 40t.  These are very versatile attachments and once you have used one you would not be without one again. The thumbs can be used with almost any attachment and they are aways on the machine ready to go. Or standard versions are the narrow solid braced fork which is best for majority of work as they are very strong and it is difficult to point load them and cause damage.  We do however manufacture wider versions to order.  We will require a measurement from the pin on the end of the dipper to the tip of the bucket teeth.  A fitting service is available by ourselves for a 70 mile radius from our base and most of our dealers are happy to provide a service.

1.5t - 2.5t hydraulic thumb
2.6t - 3.9t hydraulic thumb grab
15t - 20t hydraulic thumb


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