Root & Ripper Tines 

The advantage of the Root Ripper  is being able to tackle all sizes of tree stumps more efficiently.  Small stumps can be rooted out by ripping the tine under it as the tine will go between roots unlike buckets and larger stumps can be ripped to pieces by literaly pulling chunks off it enabling you to get at the roots and tap root in the middle which allways hangs on just when you think your nearly there!.  When you encounter tough thick roots instead of blunting all your tools and saws in the earth just drag the strong ripper blade through thats mounted on the rear of the tine and saw your way through using the weight and power of your machine to rip saw the roots in no time. Even though the tine is biased towards forestry and landscaping the tine is strong enough to be used for general ripping, the rear saw blade can be removed for this purpose. The tooth and saw blade are High Tensile and both are replaceable.

The RSL Root Ripper combined with our Thumb Grab is a winning combination

Root Ripper Tine Root Ripper Tooth Tine

Standard Ripper Tooth Tine

Ripper Tooth Tine Ripper Tooth Tine

The Shark Tooth Ripper Tine


Hardox Blade, High tensile lees, Cat tip, Designed for getting under stumps and taking out the tap root 
Teamed up with our thumb grab makes a formidable combination 
Shark tooth Ripper  Tine Shark Tooth Ripper Tine

Root & Ripper Tines 

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