Timber cranes from 4.1m - 7.5m reach

New to RSL,  timber cranes for 3 point linkage mounting or trailer mounting.   

   The cranes have reaches capable of 4.1m upto 7.5m.  All cranes have twin joystick control and 4 hydraulic cylinders powering the swivel.  The one shown on the Unimog is the 4.1m version

Timber trailers

extendable 3t timber trailer

New range of timber trailers designed and manufactured in house.  The trailer shown has a 3t capacity and is designed for towing behind small tractors.  The design came about from a customer who wanted to carry his tractor and trailer from site to site in one go and without hassle,  so we designed a trailer that can telescope from 4m open to just 2.5m closed so now the tractor and trailer can be kept joined tgether and driven straight onto the transporting trailer (see pics below.)  Available with or without a timber crane and braked or unbraked and stood on flotation tyres makes these trailers easy to use and easy to move.

extendable timber trailer, note the drawbar is not fully closed so will shorten even further.

Log Skidder Attachment

timber skidder RSL Enginnering compact tractor log skidder

Our skidder is perfect for making the most from your compact tractors,  The skidder features hydraulic rotation  and can also be specified with a hydraulic top link for loading trailers or stacking timber.  The skidder is available in two sizes, 15hp - 25hp and 25hp - 50hp.  Cat 1 or Cat 2 linkage (cat 1 on smaller model)


RSL timber grapple skidder with hydraulic top link

The larger grapple can open upto 1260mm and the skidder weighs 200kg (with hydraulic toplink)

The smaller grapple opens upto 1000mm and weighs 140kg


The skidder features a protective plate to stop smaller logs/branches being forced into the back of the tractor when reversing and the sharp teeth on the lower plate are designed for going over a log. The grapple can then be raised either on the 3 point linkage or the hydraulic toplink to carry the timber

RSL log skidder on compact tractor
RSL log grab skidder
RSL Skidder with tooth section to carry logs and tractor protector plate

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