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99% of our products are both designed and produced at our Hertfordshire HQ and represent the very best of British engineering.

 RSL.... Always keeping one step ahead of the competition and maximising efficiency  

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The MD's intro to RSL Engineering Ltd 

Products designed and made in at our own headquarters in Hertfordshire : Tree shear for all size machines: The Mother Kutter 300 , The 12" Light shear , The 12" Heavy duty shear, The 16"  HD shear and The 20" shear, Thumb grab, (both Hydraulic and Manual) Grabs, Grapples, Land Rakes, Deep Curve Rakes, Opposing Rake, Root ripper, and Ripper tines, Car Dismantling System, Tilt Adjuster, Clay Spade, Log / Timber Grab, Log grab,timber trailers, Easy Repair Fence Post Spikes, Rotary Screening Buckets, Compactor Wheels, 

Crusher BucketsDitching Buckets, Piling Masts, Metal Shears. Bespoke and repair services.

Product range where RSL act as distributors : German 360 degree Worm Rotators, AVS Austrian rotators and Firewood Processors,

Get back to us with any questions you may have, you can call us on 0203-305-6509 to see how we can optimise your work force efficiency 


RSL Landscape rake and opposing rake
RSL Tree Shear 12 inch and 16 inch capacity
RSL Re-handling grapple

tree shears, thumb grab,  land rake, grapple, grab , log grab,  car dismantling system for excavator and digger

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ripper tooth, ripper tine, root ripper tine, Root Ripper Tine
thumb grab, finger talon grip Hydraulic Thumb Grab
Tree shears , tree shears , shears for trees RSL Tree shears
Land rake with opposing rake Land rake with opposing Rake
Car scrap, end of life vehicles. scrap Car Dismantling Pincers
Levelling beam grading beam Grading Levelling Beam
Manual Sorting Grab/ Grapple Manual Sorting Grab
Riddle Bucket Riddle Bucket
digger compactor wheel Compactor wheels manufactured in house for all sizes of excavator. Just as much compaction as a wacker plate but with less moving parts and no vibration to damage pins and bushes
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